Charging Products’ Valuable:

Through our relentless commitment to the inventive application of innovative technology and engineering, AEV Charging use Agile approach designs and delivers a complete range of EV charging solutions that allow every type of user to enjoy the highest-Value, Fastest, Easiest–to-use, and most reliable EV charging experience available.

We have noticed that our customers are primarily interested in the charging speed, the speed or ease of mastering, the energy loss in our chargers. So we have highlighted energy and speed control as key factors in caring for our customers:


Market Research

Market Assessment from the Global EV Outlook 2022 report (Bloomberg NEF):

  1. Overall, when only electric vehicles are on the road by 2050, the total market will be $53 trillion. Read more…
  2. The number of new public charging ports for electric vehicles will increase 9-fold over the next 8 years, reaching 15,000,000 by 2030. The number of home charging stations will exceed 200 million ports by 2040.
  3. In the U.S. alone, the electric vehicles charging market was $3.99 billion in 2021 and will be $49.14 billion in 2030. In Europe, the market is three times much.

Сooperation offers

We welcome any questions, comments and suggestions from Investors about collaboration. We will find options for any amount of investment of Investors who can make money with us during the Electric Vehicle Revolution. Please use the «Talk to an Expert» form to ask any questions or submit your proposal.